just purchased a ninja note for FAR

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    i made the purchase today and started to copy the note… it definitely helps! i was getting tired of doing MCs and not grasping the concept fully. Ninja note itself only might not be enough and it probably not meant to be that way, but it helps me to get the big picture and to go into details. Thanks Jeff!! I got a stiff shoulder from handwriting though…lol


    Are you using them with Becker? I bought them for FAR also, then found out I failed BEC (74 =( ). I had a hard time lining up the material, but I thought it helped. I really liked that it had a mnemonic for accrual to cash basis'. I was going to go through Becker and then think about the NINJA MCQ afterward since it is my third try at FAR.

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    Good stuff – I would read them for now and wait until 2-3 weeks out from your exam to re-write the notes. Completely up to you, however.

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    Good call. For me, studying the MCQ was really inefficient when I didn't have a grasp of the fundamentals of a chapter. I know pure MCQ studying works for a lot of people but I'm not one of them…..

    Good luck with your FAR studying!


    Where can I purchase the ninja notes? Can I get them alone? Or do I have to purchase a package?


    I replied in the other thread you posted in … its $67 – same price as the notes – but you get everything for a month

    Ninja CPA Review

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
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