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    had anyone used the BEC Ninja note before, im debating whether i should get it or not? I brought the Far Note before but I didnt find it much useful thus it was a waste of money for me. I want to use my money wisely especially after invested so much money in this process already. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.


    I got them but thought it was a waste. I felt like the notes didn't really have any of the new IT concepts and any other new topics from when I sat for the exam in Q2 2017. I would just stick to the MCQ for $47 and not bother with the notes.

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    Thank you for the feedback – how can they be improved (besides updated IT terms)?

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    Thank you @kdawg22 for the feedback, i will definitely get the Bec MCQ, I found the Far MCQ to be extremely helpful, hopefully the BEC MCQ wont disappoint me.

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    I thought the IT part of the Ninja Notes was better than what I got from Becker

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    I would highly recommend them. I think by the time you are ready to test. Your book from review is filled with highlighted areas and note. BEC notes from Ninja are simple, outlined and for me easier to cram than the book. I highly suggest them specially for BEC and REG. It even has some terms that Roger didn't include. Well worth the money. If you have a little more to spare get MCQ and take notes from the answer feedback.

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